The Fagras’ stopped into our showroom one day, and I can tell as soon as they walked in they were just not happy. They told me that they had been to several other cabinetmakers and none of them could do what they needed for their kitchen. From beadboard doors & drawer fronts, to a lift door, open cabinets, to a cabinet made for a farmhouse sink. They said that the other cabinetmakers couldn’t or wouldn’t do what they needed.

After going through everything they needed or wanted, I told them that we could do all of the things they were wanting in their cabinetry. At that moment you can tell it was a relief to them to be somewhere that they would be getting what they wanted.

Before we even had a bid for them, Mr. Fagras said, “you have the job!” For us, no job is too big or too small and the customer is not limited to what they want.

If you are looking at needing a new or updated kitchen, call us to find out how we can make this possible for you.