Our Canaryware is handmade using American Hardwoods. We have a wide variety of woods, sizes, shapes, and styles.

Care & Use Of Canaryware

With the proper care of your Canaryware, they will last a life time!  We recommend that you use a soft scrubber and mild dish washing soap. They will need to be maintained with oil (Mineral Oil, Natural Bee’s Wax, or other oils of your choice) occasionally when they look or feel dry to the touch. They can be applied with a soft cloth or a paper towel.

If your Canaryware “furs”, you can use a fine grit (600 or greater) sand paper, or even a brown paper bag. This will help take off any of the “fur” on the cookware. This may happen more frequently in the beginning of your utensils, and will become less with usage and oiling.

We do not recommend placing your Canaryware in the dishwasher. The dry cycle could dehydrate the wood too rapidly and cause damage to your custom Canaryware. Plus the detergents may age the wood over time.

Over time with use, the colors of the woods will darken with age & this is common in the woods we use. You will also notice over time, that you will have to use less oil on your Canaryware.

Do not leave your Canaryware in your dish water for an extended period of time.