Blog-How Do You Ship?

How do we ship?

If its furniture, you have two options. If it can be flat shipped (unbolted and shipped flat, and you put it together), or wrapped and shipped (put together and shipped).

When we package your items to be shipped, we take our time and make sure its done right. That way there isn’t a chance of it getting dinged, damaged, or even contaminated.

When our cabinetry is shipped out, we are just as careful wrapping each cabinet to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged along the way.

Our cabinetry and furniture is wrapped in a bubble paper wrap or a shipping blanket, then shrink wrapped.

When we ship through our carrier, they are careful as to what is on their truck, knowing when we ship that it has to stay safe.

Our past customers have had nothing but praises when they received their furniture/cabinetry from our carrier. They say they are kind and that the product came to them in perfect condition.