I must say that we surely would remember your company any ways, since we enjoy the kitchen each and every day. It seems ideal in every way we continue to marvel at how well made the cabinets are. Everything seems quite perfect, and for me to have such high regard for all parts of the kitchen is actually surprising to me. I had no idea that I would be so pleased!

— Beverly P. (Kitchen)

I just wanted you to know that we greatly appreciate the bed you made for my wife. Since having the bed, her health has greatly improved!

— Dennis L. (Bed)

Its beautiful, Thanks so much!

— Lucy E. (Bath vanity)

Best cabinets I have ever seen! I am so in love with these wonderful additions to my kitchen. Thanks again for everything.

— Jane W.C. (Kitchen)

Charles Bailey is awesome! He built my Maple bathroom vanity about 2 years ago with a beautiful dark stain. It is just as gorgeous now as it was the day I received it. The workmanship is superb. It is very sturdy and the drawers glide so smoothly. The stain has held up very well. I am very chemically sensitive and when I received my vanity it had no odor at all. Charles is very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time working with me to get the design, color and other options exactly how I wanted it. He gave me many useful suggestions. He is very honest and nice and so is his staff. I highly recommend Charles R. Bailey Cabinetmakers to anyone who wants a beautiful cabinet and especially if you are chemically sensitive.

— Barbara F. (Vanity)

Very much enjoying the cabinets, I just love them.

— Jane W.C. (Kitchen – about a year later)

Still love our new kitchen, and I get a lot of compliments on it. Thanks again!

— Pat R. (Kitchen)

Thank you for the wood flooring you made for my wife and I. My wife did great with it from the beginning. You do beautiful work!

— Perry S. (Flooring)

The men that installed our cabinets, that you built, have never seen such quality and craftsmanship in their 30 years plus of construction work.

— Jane W.C. (Kitchen)

My dad was a cabinet maker, your cabinetry brings back fond memories of him. Your craftsmanship surpasses what I have seen in my life

— Pat R. (Kitchen)

I walked into my kitchen to find my wife crying, I asked her what was wrong? She said, “Nothing….They are so beautiful and just like I imagine them to be.”

— Glen D. (Kitchen & Vanities)

You do wonderful work, if you ever need a recommendation have them call me!”

— Paul S. (Kitchen)

Hi Charles & Family,   I was giving my cabinets a thorough cleaning yesterday and I thought I should let you know how much I have enjoyed them. We installed them 4 years ago and they are still as beautiful as the day they arrived. I never had any problems with your special finish even when my sensitivities were really bad. I am grateful that there was a craftsman like you around to build these safe and beautiful cabinets for us.     Thanks again! Sheila W.

— Sheila W. (Kitchen)

Hi Charles,
Your beautiful board arrived today, and I’m thrilled. Thank you so much. It’s just perfect.

— Jade A. (Cutting Board)

I wanted to let you know you did a super job on my cabinet drawers. I am so proud of them.

— June W. (Drawers)

Still thrilled with my new kitchen, and have had MANY great comments on your cabinets. Will tell of your work at every opportunity. God Bless!

— Marilyn C. (Kitchen)

I love the Canaryware I received. They are very easy to use and take care of, and love the variety of woods you used. I will be purchasing more in the future.

— Brenda R. (Canaryware)

Very accurate, thorough better than you expect, want to please, very professional, I danced all week when I got my wall of cabinets in the master bedroom. So I ordered a “closet room” to fill my spare bedroom with 2 back to back dressers. Great quality made to order. Amazing that everything fit so well with only a drawing and several phone calls. Now I am thinking of doing a real complicated one in my kitchen to gain storage with lots of pull-outs.

— Linda S. (Dresser, Closet, & wall of cabinetry)

Charles Bailey made our beautiful kitchen cabinets for us. We wanted high quality cabinets that would not release hazardous gasses into our home. We wanted our home to be safe, for all of us, for one of us with asthma, one with migraines and sensitivities and for our cats who live and breathe indoors all the time. Charles was VERY helpful through the whole process. He has much knowledge of healthy products to use and is great at design ideas and cabinet features too. He raised issues for you to consider along the way. He was always a big help with my many questions. Delivery was smooth. We highly recommend him, A+++.

— Pat M. (Kitchen)

We love our new kitchen. The custom cabinetry allowed us the details we wanted and the Hardwood Maple is just beautiful. We debated about the soft close drawers, but are so pleased with them. It was well worth the added expense. I also love the pots & pans drawers and we are glad you were able to work in the cookie sheet & trash bin drawers.  Our kitchen is now a beautiful and modern addition to our home.  We are very pleased with your work. It has been a pleasure working with you and hope that this year will be a very food year for you and your family. Thank You Charles & Kelly for your excellent craftsmanship.

— Joyce S. (Kitchen)

Thank you. As usual, the cabinet looks wonderful.

— Linda S. (Wall Vitamin Cabinet)

On behalf of everyone who attended the FCI Conference in Kansas City, Thank You for coming! We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule. Based on the comments from attendees, your information and message of hope was well received! Thank You for all you do to help people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue and related conditions.

— Yvonne Keeny (FCI Conference)

To say that your cabinets are a cut above the rest is a gross understatement. My husband said “You are a true craftsman. the cabinets you made for us are so beautiful and unbelievably well constructed, that they are something you would want to hand down to your children and grand children”. The real down side is that they make the rest of the house look terrible. My husband’s father was a cabinetmaker from Europe, so my husband knows what GOOD furniture looks like. God has purely gifted you. Like your logo however – “To God Be The Glory”

— Pat & John R. (Kitchen)

I love the couch. It fits right in with the other furnishings. It looks beautiful and is very functional. It is pretty amazing to me that designing a special couch over the phone could turn out so wonderful! I have never owned a futon and i think that this furniture and platform beds may be the way to go. I don’t own a platform bed either.

–Carolyn S. (Futon)

The changing table fits perfectly and is well crafted. Thank You!! P.S. Our baby girl Sophia (5 weeks) has never seen such nice work!

— Lee & Madelaine C. (Changing Table)

When our general contractor, who started out as a carpenter, heard that we wanted to go with CRB Cabinetmakers because we wanted no formaldehyde in our kitchen, he made no pretense of hiding his opinion that we would be getting ripped off because of the extra expense.  But when he saw the cabinets and counters, he was VERY impressed, saying, “This guy is a real craftsman; wow he is good!” All of his crew were impressed, too, saying they had never seen such beautiful construction. I think it says something that fellow carpenters were so impressed! Thank you Charles and Kelly for doing such a wonderful job! And thanks for all of the help in designing the layout! Those spice drawers are amazing!

–Debbie S. (Kitchen)

Having Charles make cabinets for our new home was a wonderful experience. He listened to our wants and guided us in designing the perfect kitchen and bathroom cabinets, desk, entryway coat rack, even a Murphy bed. They all turned out beautiful. He is the ultimate professional!

–Janie M. (Kitchen, Bath Vanities, Desk, Coat Rack, & Bed)

Charles, I just went out to the Warren project. The cabinets are phenomenal!! The drawers you do are just fantastic, exquisite. Oh my gosh! Everyone I recommended to go to you and didn’t, should be really sorry. They are fantastic!!!

–Marilee Nelson – Healthy Home Consultant (House Doctor’s)

The trailer arrived Monday afternoon and we got it unloaded. Opened a few of the cabinets and they look fantastic!

Larry B. (Contractor)

Packaged very well, quality is good – they look great. Now we know who to recommend!

Robert L. (Kitchen)

Thank you to you, Kelly and the rest of your crew for delivering a beautiful product. Taryn  and I are really enjoying your artwork. You have such a vision ahead of time for the final outcome.

Jon & Taryn H. (Kitchen)

I’m amazed at the level of thought and detail you and your shop put into these cabinets. I appreciate your attention to detail. Your time and patience to “get it right”, and to help me understand the look and why. For seeing all the details I would not have noticed until the project was complete.

Jon H. (Kitchen)