Blog-Daugherty Kitchen

We had gotten a call from Mr. Daugherty, telling us he was looking for a safe kitchen for a house they were building. He told us of his wife who had chemical sensitives, and she couldn’t be around certain things. We talked to him for a while and figured out what she could and couldn’t be around. By the end of the call, we knew what direction to take in helping her to get a new kitchen.

They sent over plans for their kitchen and gave us design ideas as far as wood, paint, door style, appliance panels, island design and hutch style. Even with the extras she wanted in her kitchen, we made sure they were safe as well. They knew exactly what they wanted in their cabinetry, and we were able to help.

From start to finish, we were very careful in what we used and how we handled it. We used safe solid wood and safe paints for all of their cabinetry.

Even during the install of the cabinetry we were careful to make sure that everything stayed safe for Mr. Daugherty’s wife. She was very pleased in the quality and craftsmanship of the cabinetry and was excited about how safe they were for her.