What is Charles R. Bailey Cabinetmakers?

Natural “livable” furniture. Furniture built with the multi-chemical sensitive in mind. All of our furniture is designed to function and serve the purpose for whom it was made without infringing upon the vital life of the environment or individual. We build for you. If you have special needs or desires for wood preferences, let us know. We will finish the furniture with the product you recommend or feel comfortable with.

All furniture is handcrafted, individually and made exclusively for the customer. Each piece is signed and dated by the cabinetmaker. We have many designs to choose from. We specialize in doing custom commissions for the individual or company. Each piece of furniture is made of solid American hardwoods throughout, using time honored joinery along with new joinery techniques. Each piece is finished using natural oil finishes and waxes. We also specialize in Waterborne finishes that are listed “safe finishes”. Special attention is paid to the customer’s needs, function, budget, design and desires. This is truly 21st century furniture, using designs and time proven techniques of the past along with today’s technology. We strive to extend the life of the tree that sacrifices itself for our use.